Breaking Free Masterclass

Trusted Source: Vikki Pratley

After many years as a practicing employment lawyer and a founding partner of a successful law firm within a top 30 accountancy practice (the first of its type in the UK), Vikki suffered from burnout; recently recognized by the World Health Organization as being caused by chronic workplace stress that is not successfully managed. Through her recovery, Vikki was inspired to return to her background in psychology to help others to be high performers without risking burnout. Vikki retrained as a coach and is a licensed practitioner of both Liberating Leadership and Pioneering Professional.

Masterclass Detail

Vikki is a StressLess coach and has a wholistic approach to her work, always starting with the individual before equipping them with a tool-kit for success. Drawing from her skills as an employment lawyer, Vikki’s focus is to challenge and support individuals to apply to day-to-day life the self-management and leadership skills they are equipped with. She does this so  they can create sustainably high performing environments to the benefit rather than the detriment of their working environments.

In this masterclass you’ll learn more about what burnout is.  You’ll explore why change is needed by investigating the impact of burnout on a individual, societal and business level. We will uncover how and when we are vulnerable to burnout. And you’ll be walked through the business case and ideas of how you can eradicate this preventable mental health condition.

The world is getting faster and faster and environments more and more challenging.  Without the right kind of support in equal and powerful combination to this increased challenge, we risk burnout.  This doesn’t have to be a bad news story.  It can be a positive!  By changing our mindset and developing our skills, we can change our lives, our workplaces and society too.  We don’t have to suffer for high performance.  We can create healthy and sustainable high flying careers”

Your Assets

Access your masterclass assets, namely the online masterclass recording, the audio recording, the Insights Online Evaluator, the Underlying Beliefs Questionnaire, the High Challenge-High Support Exploration, and the Change Sheet.

When you click on images below, you’ll be taken to a PDF from Vikki with all of the instructions. I strongly encourage you to access these tools for the insights you’ll receive.