With anecdotes from women about harassment and inappropriate behaviour at conferences and events, and organisers claiming not to be able to find female speakers, we wanted to ascertain was there a problem, how bad was the problem, and what do women actually want when they attend an event or conference. By understanding the situation, this would then enable us to ensure more women attend cybersecurity events and conferences, speak at them, and have better experiences when they do.

After gathering some demographic answers, our questions were broken into three main sections:

1. Code of conduct and behaviour
2. Women’s voices

This ground-breaking research was asked to women and those who identified as women. It was performed in 2019 and took 3-months to complete. Over 2,159 responses were received from women in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and the Middle East. Equal numbers of responses were received from women in technical and non-technical roles with a healthy spread of levels from entry to leadership.

Significant findings were discovered in this research. To understand more, please stand by for our download. The report is coming soon.