Mentoring Matters with Kate Kuehn

Trusted Source: Kate Kuehn

Kate Kuehn has been an active thought leader in security and advanced network technologies for nearly 20 years. She evolved as a thought leader in through leading some of the industry’s first projects in ethernet as a network (CPA), IAAS and cloud-based DDOS. A mother of four, when not focusing on security, Kuehn loves leading her girls’ Girl Scout troop and spending as much time possible sailing/boating with her family. Kate’s main areas of focus include understanding the role of the modern CISO in the current digital revolution, the correlation between security, cloud, mobility and traditional IT initiatives, and STEM outreach. She is passionate about mentoring and developing women in technology.

Masterclass Detail

Raise your Hand: Mentorship. proactive career management & how to lean into your community for support.

Creating an ecosystem of feedback, support & professional development can seem daunting.  Most of us suffer from procrastination when it comes to putting our own career goals on the front burner and securing time with mentors who can assist us in affecting change, becomes the last priority.  Conversely for leaders, making sure we not only raise our hands to help, but soliciting mentorship and feedback from those around us is just as crucial in our own development and often overlooked. 

In this class we will discuss: 

  • The overall concept of “raise your hand” both from an ecosystem and development perspective
  • Mentorship fundamentals. How to become and also select a mentor
  • 360 degree leadership – why we all should do it
  • Goal planning and how mentorship should be at the centre of all your plans

This masterclass is not to be missed. What Kate shares is GOLD! Access the masterclass assets, namely the online masterclass recording and the audio recording. Both are listed below.

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